A collection to learn and have fun
A unique opportunity for your children to play and learn with their favorite animals from the zoo!


A unique opportunity for children to play and learn with their favourite animals and discover loads more about them in this collection of beautifully illustrated hardback books.

They’ll learn all about their favourite animals: The largest animals, animals of the savannah, monkeys and apes, the big cats, sea animals and many more !

Each book is specially designed to be suitable for pre-school children, with simple text, puzzles and games and beautiful illustrations to make learning fun. Where they live and what they eat...

Every issue comes with two figurines carefully designed for young children

  • All their favourite animals

  • Figures specially designed for children’s hands

  • Exclusive designs that replicate the illustrations in the books

  • Rounded, tactile and easy grip figures

  • Made from strong and safe high-quality durable materials

  • Suitable for children aged over 18 months

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Advantages of being a subscriber

1st Shipment

Issue 1 for £ 1.99

2nd Shipment

A free Issue

From the 3rd Shipment

All other issues for £ 6.99

1st Shipment

4 exclusive animal face Masks

In the shape of a My Zoo Animals character: Lumba, Sandy, Baihei and Temba

2nd Shipment

A free issue

Get one of your next issues absolutely free!

4th Shipment

sayan the tiGeR BaCkpaCk

An exclusive design just for you!

8th Shipment

Storage box

Keep your animals neat and tidy in this specially designed box which opens out into your zoo playmat!

Choose a premium subscription

For ONLY AN EXTRA £1 per issue
upgrade your playmat with these 6 exclusive zoo accessories

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All shipments

  • 1 st Shipment

    • 1st Issue: Book Lumba The Lion + Lion Adult + Binti, The Baby Elephant
    • 2nd Issue: Book Sandy The Giraffe + Giraffe + Kimba, The Lion Cub
    • 3rd Issue: Book Sayan The Tiger + Tiger Adult Male + Pengouin : Kli
  • 2 nd Shipment

    • 4th Issue: Book Lucy The Kangaroo + Kangaroo Adult + Little Girafee
    • 5th Issue: Book Bongo The Chimpanzee + Chimpanzee Adult + Koala Baby: Slipy
    • 6th Issue: Book Aihe The Dolphin + Dolphin Female + Pengouin Baby : Suluk
    • 7th Issue: Book Baihei The Panda + Panda Adult + Canguro Baby: Mandy
  • 3 rd Shipment

    • 8th Issue: Book Duma The Cheetah + Cheetah Adult + Chimpanzee Baby
    • 9th Issue: : Book Kumbhira The Crocodile + Crocodile Adult + Fence 1/2
    • 10th Issue: Book Curu The Penguin + Penguin Adult Laying + Paula The Zookeeper
    • 11th Issue: Book Sabina The Zebra + Zebra + Signal
  • 4 th Shipment

    • 12th Issue: Book Trota The Seal + Seal Adult + Dolphin Baby
    • 13th Issue: Book Lolo The Hippo + Hippo Adult + Fence 5/6
    • 14th Issue: Book Arara The Macaw
    • 15th Issue: Book Matisa The Meerkat + Merkaat Adult 1 + Tigress Adult Female
  • 5 th Shipment

    • 16th Issue: Book Kukama, The Gazelle + Gazelle + Brown Bear Cub
    • 17st Issue: Book Baluthe Koala + Koala Adult + Seal Baby
    • 18nd Issue: Book Mawa The Orangutan + Orangutan Adult Female + Duc2
    • 19rd Issue: Book Fisi The Hyena + Baby Hippopotamus
  • 6th Shipment

    • 20rd Issue: Book Aklathe Brown Bear + Fence (2 Pieces)
    • 21th Issue: Book Naga The Komodo Dragon + Meercat 2
    • 22th Issue: Book Shanky The Flamingo + Baby Zebra (Zebra Foal)
    • 23th Issue: Book Kibubu The Gorilla + Signpost
  • 7th Shipment

    • 24th Issue: Book Dalvi The Deer + Baby Orangutan
    • 25th Issue: Book Maki The Lemur + Little Boy
    • 26th Issue: Book Yinca The Ostrich + Baby Wolf
    • 27th Issue: Book Rocky The Rhino + Fence (2 Pieces)
  • 8th Shipment

    • 28th Issue: Book Yuru The Anteater + Baby Tiger (Tiger Cub)
    • 29th Issue: Book Krika The Capybara + Little Girl
    • 30th Issue: Book Lara The Leopard + Baby Linx
    • 31th Issue: Book Dovo The Camel + Baby Ostrich
    • 32th Issue: Book Penacho The Titi Monkey + Female Panda
  • 9th Shipment

    • 33th Issue: Book Kory The Stor+ Raccoon 2
    • 34th Issue: Book Nyumbu The Gnu + Fence (2 Pieces)
    • 35th Issue: Book Qarwa The Llama + Duck-Billed Platypus
  • 10th Shipment

    • 36th Issue: Book Sunny The Horse + Baby Polar Bear
    • 37th Issue: Book Singa The Wolf + Baby Rhinoceros
    • 38th Issue: Book Prickles The Porcupine + Charles The Vet
    • 39th Issue: Book Zalop The Sea Lion + Baby Deer
  • 11th Shipment

    • 40th Issue: Book Sundar The Peacoc+ Meercat 3
    • 41th Issue: Book Jara The Sheep + Baby Fox
    • 42th Issue: Book Duke The Pig + Signpost
    • 43th Delivery:Book Nanuthe Polar Bear + Fence (2 Pieces)
  • 12th Shipment

    • 44th Issue: Book Lupita The Iguana + Baby Cow
    • 45th Issue: Book Lala The Red Panda + Toucan
    • 46th Issue: Book Tatou The Armadillo + Lemur Sitting
    • 47th Issue: Book Perla The Cow + Baby Hyena
  • 13th Shipment

    • 48th Issue: Book Dante The Tapir + Baby Sheep
    • 49th Issue: Book Otis The Pelican + Warthog
    • 50th Issue: Book Mahpe The Raccoon + Lioness
    • 51th Issue: Book Koa The Anaconda + Baby Gorilla
  • 14th Shipment

    • 52th Issue: Book Chester The Duc+ Panther
    • 53th Issue: Book Sito The Donkey + Baby Camel
    • 54th Issue: BBook Lys The Lynx + Baby Crocodile
    • 55th Issue: Book Temba The Elephant + Fence (2 Pieces)
  • 15th Shipment

    • 56th Issue: Book Nelson The Beaver
    • 57th Issue: Book Tina The Rabbit
    • 58th Issue: Book Cuca The Tortoise
    • 59th Issue: Book Punky The Hen
    • 60th Issue: Book Bimba The Goat

Frequent questions

Here you'll find the answers to any doubts you might have about details of the collection and subscription terms and conditions. For more information don't hesitate to call our customer services centre on 0345 472 5240

What are the advantages of a subscription?
Subscribers get all issues delivered to their home at no extra cost. So you’ll never miss an issue. AND subscribers receive FOUR exclusive gifts!
1st gift: FOUR children’s masks in the shapes of zoo animals with my first delivery.
2nd gift: A FREE issue with my second delivery.
3rd gift: A FREE Sayan the Tiger backpack with my fourth delivery.
4th gift: An Exclusive Storage box/playmat with my eighth delivery.
What happens if the gifts are no longer available?
Should the gifts be out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute them with similar articles of the same value. The articles are a non-monetary bonus and therefore cannot be exchanged for the same value in cash.
When will I receive the different issues?
Deliveries of your issues are sent out every month. With the first delivery you’ll receive a maximum of three issues, depending on which issue you started your subscription with. A delivery of two issues costs £13.98 and the price for three issues is £20.97. From the second delivery you’ll be getting four issues every month for £27.96. Premium subscribers add £1 per issue.
What does each issue cost?
The first issue is available for just £1.99. All further issues will cost £6.99 or £7.99 for the Premium option.
How many issues are there?
WThere are 60 issues in the My Zoo Animals collection.
When must I make payment?
Payments are taken every 28 days for 4 issues at a time. At the start of your subscription some payments may be closer together in order to bring you in line with the latest edition.
What happens if one of my issues arrives damaged?
Should this happen, please contact our customer services centre immediately. Damaged issues can, with the agreement of customer services, be sent back at our expense to be replaced with an undamaged issue.
Will there be any cost for postage and shipping?
No, we bear all costs for you.
What is the Premium subscription?
For only £1 more per issue you will receive 6 exclusive accessories for your zoo:
1. Rocks for the big cats
2. Rocks for the Apes
3. Ice Blocks for the penguins
4. Zoo entrance gates plus ticket office
5. A hotdog cart
6. An ice cream cart
The extra accessories will be sent over the course of your subscriptions.
How do I cancel?
You can cancel a subscription at any time by contacting our customer services department.

My Zoo Animals FREE APP

Now you can bring the Animals of the Zoo to life
on your phone or tablet!

How to use it

Colour in the characters from My Zoo Animals and bring them to life with this exclusive app. Go wild and get artistic using your own style and favourite materials: wax crayons, colour pencils, felt tips, etc. The more daring your creation, the more incredible your zoo characters will be when you convert them into 3D on your Smartphone or Tablet.

To get started just print the drawings you can find below and download the Android app from Google Play or iOS from Apple Store. Lumba the Lion is already available, and we’ll be adding new characters for you to colour and bring to life....so don’t’ miss out!